Domestic Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant


Our Domestic RO systems are mainly use at homes or small offices. Homes with around 10-15 people are a perfect solution for this water purification system. Our Domestic RO units start from 10 LHP onwards. These units are uniquely designed and customized for specific water quality, eg – Homes using well water will be better served by a UF+RO+UV system.
Our Online RO systems are designed in a way to very effectively and economically maintain themselves. They can be maintained without the help and guidance of a professional by any member of the family on periodic occasions.
We use the best quality Filtration cartridges and imported RO membranes to serve you with pure drinking water for a long term without changing them regularly.

Our Range of Domestic RO Plants10 LPH Pearl Series UF+RO System

10 LPH online UF+UV system

10 LPH UF+RO+UV System10 LPH Dolphin Series UF+RO System10 LPH online UF+RO System15 LPH Swift Series UF+RO+UV system25 LPH online UF+RO+UV System50 LPH online UF+RO+UV System
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