Customized Plants


We customised water treatment plants according to the requirement using professional and hi-tech latest technologies.

These plants provide water used for specific requirement which may include pharmecutical companies, chemical companies, laboratories and other similar outputs which require special treated water.


Our Customized Plants include :
  1. Water Softner
  2. De-Chlorination
  3. Demineralization
  4. Electrodeionization
  5. Multi- Media Filtration
  6. Microfiltration
  7. Ultrafiltration
  8. Nanofiltration
  9. Reserve Osmosis
  10. Distillation
  11. Ion Exchange
  12. Ultraviolet Disinfection
  13. Aeration
  14. Deionization
  15. Activated Carbon Filters
  16. Ozonation