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Our business had taken on a new vision and focused on drinking water related projects with high standards for quality, reliability, aesthetics, and service. After several years of installing equipment in many different parts of the country, we have modified and designed our water treatment plants to self maintain themselves along with cost effective techniques saving our client’s costs.

 This focus on redesigning our equipment for usability, reliability, and easy maintenance is still a core element of the company today. We are always working to improve aspects of our already high quality products which has led us to be an industry leader in manufacturing and installing some of the highest quality equipment for water treatment.

 We also started to build many different products for water related businesses such as the bottling lines, a wider variety of water filtration systems, and a complete line of water storage products. We have continued to operate within this business model while expanding our product line to fit  Industrial RO


 We have stayed true to our standards for quality, reliability, usability, and easy maintenance which has continued to position us as a well respected leader in the water purification and filtration industry. We also have worked with several humanitarian groups and efforts to provide people with safe drinking water to help improve the quality of life and access to safe water for those all around the world.

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various water related businesses such as restaurants, hotel, schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, etc.