Material Handling EquipmentFork Lift


KRUSH COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT is a pioneer in Material Handling Equipment. We not only provide solutions to handle various Materials in the industries but also provide human resources to operate these equipments, thus providing our clients to concentrate on other important aspects.


Our Products in Material Handling Equipment (MHE) includesFork Lifts


 1.5 Tonnes Forklifts

 2 Tonnes Forklifts

 3 B T Lifter Forklifts


These forklifts come in diesel operated or battery operated in different Weight Lifting capacities. They also come in Short Boom and Long Boom which are used for various different loading or stacking including container loading or rack stacking.


KRUSH COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT has large CapEx Plans for Material handling equipment’s like Forklifts, Jacks, Lift Systems, Rollers, and Skidding Systems for handling Project Cargo and Heavy Lifts. Backed by a strong engineering team KRUSH COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT will play a major role in this Niche Segment by providing engineering solutions for Heavy Lifts in various plant applications for the careful and safe handling of critical cargo on to foundation and plinths.